The Use of MOCVD Chemicals in Electronics and Optoelectronic Devices


The Use of MOCVD Chemicals in Electronics and Optoelectronic Devices

Posted By City Chemical On Monday, 03 April 2023

MOCVD, or metal organic chemical vapor deposition, is a process of growth and depositing thin solid films on solid substrates using organometallic compounds as sources. The films produced by this technique are used in electronic and optoelectronic devices such as cell phones, traffic lights, billboards, and lighting as well as solar cells.

The growth of two-dimensional (2D) materials is a challenging task, owing to the lack of thorough knowledge about growth mechanisms spanning several length scales and their sensitivity to subtle changes in growth conditions. To address this challenge, a computational framework coupling Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Phase-Field (PF), and Reactive Molecular Dynamics (RMD) was developed to guide the synthesis of large-area uniform 2D materials such as WSe2 by MOCVD. The CPM model, validated by experimental measurements, revealed the full power of this approach and provided a valuable basis for reproducible, wafer-scale synthesis of 2D materials via MOCVD.

In addition to facilitating the synthesis of 2D materials, the MOCVD process also provides the opportunity to grow high-quality II-V compound semiconductors at industrially useful levels with a variety of properties. Moreover, it allows for the continuous fabrication of thin-film semiconductors on flexible and hard-to-reach substrates and can be applied to the production of a wide range of conductive oxides and ferroelectrics.

Unlike other synthesis methods, MOCVD does not use alkyl-based precursors but instead relies on the vaporization of complex metal organic ligands. This approach enables the growth of highly uniform and well-dispersed crystalline film with controlled doping. This makes it possible to control the morphology and microstructure of the final device and the interfacial properties of its layers, which can be manipulated through varying growth parameters.

It is also capable of growing thin, amorphous, and transparent films that can be deposited onto a wide range of substrates. This makes it an ideal tool for growth of thin-film semiconductors and advanced materials, such as superconductor films.

The use of MOCVD in the production of a number of III-V compounds, such as gallium nitride and GaAs, is a major driver of the global market for mocvd equipment. In particular, gallium nitride can be used to manufacture transistors, lasers and photodiodes, and power electronics.

There are a variety of other III-V compounds grown through MOCVD, including copper indium sulfide and zinc indium sulfide. These oxides have low thermal expansion and are useful in a wide variety of applications, such as power conversion, energy storage, and solar products.

The growing demand for advanced technologies and applications, such as LED lighting and advanced packaging, has been the driving force behind the worldwide adoption of metal organic chemical vapor deposition. However, the volatile nature of the semiconductor sector and high costs of manufacturing could slow the development of the MOCVD market during the forecast period.

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