Patina Chemicals - Who Uses Them?


Patina Chemicals - Who Uses Them?

Posted By City Chemical On Tuesday, 04 April 2023

What are Patina Chemicals who uses Patina Chemicals
There are a number of people who use patina chemicals to create beautiful patina finishes on their metal products. They may use a combination of techniques to achieve their desired effects, but most do it by spraying or dipping their work into a prepared liquid compound and allowing the chemicals to react with the surface.

Creating Patina Naturally
The most common type of patina is what happens naturally as materials oxidize and weather over time, such as when a copper sheet is exposed to the elements. The resulting patina will vary from piece to piece, depending on the environment and time spent exposed to it. The rusty look of patina is often considered aesthetically pleasing and a great way to add color, texture and interest to a metal surface.

Creating Patina Artificially
The other type of patina is what artisans and metalworkers do to intentionally enhance a piece of copper or brass. This is called finishing and can be a process that can take hours or months to complete. It requires a lot of skill and experience to get the desired effect, so most craftspeople do not pursue this type of work.

Using a Patina Chemical
Some craftspeople will simply paint a metallic coating to give their metals a patina finish, but this can be very laborious and difficult to achieve. A more efficient solution is to apply a liquid compound that can be applied to the metal and then spritzed or brushed with a brush to achieve the desired effect.

Fortunately, there are many options for patina chemicals that can be used to achieve different effects and colors on a variety of surfaces. These include traditional patinas that can be mixed to achieve various colors and effects, as well as formulas that can be diluted to create different effects.

Our Traditional Midnight Black Patina is a fast, durable black patina that reacts quickly on aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, iron, steel (not stainless), and zinc/galvanized. The first application produces a fast grey/black oil slick finish and then additional coats darken the finish.

This patina is also ideal for working with smoky or aged bronze, brass, and copper. It can be diluted to create different shades of green, brown, and even pearlescent.

Zinc Grey Patina is a light grey patina that can be layered for a more dramatic look on zinc or galvanized steel. It is best applied in thin coats and can be diluted for more uniformity if desired.

Slate Black Patina is a versatile black patina that works very well on iron and steel. The first coat will produce a black, but it does not have the rusty look that other black patinas have. It can be diluted with distilled water to create lighter coats.

It does not rust on iron or steel and is extremely durable. It is also a great alternative to Black Magic Patina because it does not produce the rapid rusting that is seen with other blackening agents.

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