Triethylsilane, 99%

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CAS NO: 617-86-7

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Triethylsilane, 99% TC1004-BULK 99% BULK Price on Request
Application and Uses : With TFA in Ionic hydrogenation as an alternative to catalytic hydrogenation, and in the semiconductor industry.
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Description City Chemical manufactures high purity Triethylsilane, CAS 617-86-7 in bulk quantity. Triethylsilane is a colorless liquid with the formula C6H16Si. It is used in organic synthesis as a reducing agent and as a precursor to silyl ethers. It is a trialkylsilicon hydride compound. The Si-H bond is highly reactive.

SKU TC1004
Appearance/Form Clear, colorless liquid
CAS No. 617-86-7
Property 1 99%
Formula (C 2 H- 5 ) 3 SiH
Molecular Weight 116.28
Storage Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Transport Information UN number 1993, Class 3, PG III

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