Tetrakis(diethylamino)titanium T9985

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Tetrakis(diethylamino)titanium, 4419-47-0, C16H40N4Ti, MW 336.40 is a liquid. Tetrakis(diethylamino)titanium boils at 112 °C and has a flash point of -28.8 °C in a closed cup. Tetrakis(diethylamino)titanium is 99+% pure

CAS NO: 4419-47-0

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SKU T9985
Appearance/Form Liquid
CAS No. 4419-47-0
Formula C 16 H 40 N 4 Ti
Molecular Weight 336.4
Storage Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Chemical Synonym Tetrakis(diethylamido)titanium(IV), Titanium(IV) tetrakis(diethylamide), TDEAT
Transport Information UN number 3399, Class 4.3 (3), PG I
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