Silver Iodide

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CAS NO: 7783-96-2

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Silver Iodide S7931-25GM 99.90% 25 gm
Silver Iodide S7931-100GM 99.90% 100 gm
Silver Iodide
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City Chemical manufactures high purity Silver Iodide, CAS 7783-96-2 in bulk quantity. An inorganic compound with the formula Agl, Silver Iodide is a bright yellow powder, insoluble in water. AgI is light sensitive and should be stored in a dark dry environment.

Silver Iodide is used in cloud seeding to produce artificial rain. Silver Iodide is highly photosensitive, and this property is important in silver-based photography. In addition, Silver Iodide is used an antiseptic for medical devices, and as a laboratory reagent.

SKU S7931
Appearance/Form Pale yellow, powder
CAS No. 7783-96-2
Property 1 99.90%
Formula AgI
Handling and Storage Precautions for safe handling
Further processing of solid materials may result in the formation of combustible dusts. The potential for combustible dust formation should be taken into consideration before additional processing occurs. Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is formed.

Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities
Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Light sensitive.
Molecular Weight 234.77
Storage Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Transport Information DOT (US)
Not dangerous goods

UN number: 3077 Class: 9 Packing group: III EMS-No: F-A, S-F
Proper shipping name: ENVIRONMENTALLY HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE, SOLID, N.O.S. (Silver iodide)
Marine pollutant: yes

UN number: 3077 Class: 9 Packing group: III
Proper shipping name: Environmentally hazardous substance, solid, n.o.s. (Silver iodide)

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