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Barium Sulfide

CAS No.: 21109-95-5

Barium Sulfide
 SKUPurity CharacteristicsQuantityPrice
B5351-500GM98%500 gm$65.60
B5351-2.5KG98%2.5 kg$260.08
 B5351-BULK98% BULK Price on Request
Product Information

Additional Information

CAS No.21109-95-5
Chemical SynonymBarium sulphide
Appearance/FormYellowish green or grey lumps
Molecular Weight169.39
MP1,200 °C (2,192 °F)
SolubilitySoluble in water
Density4.25 g/mL at 15 °C ( 59 °F)
StorageKeep tightly closed in a dry, well-ventilated place.
Special RequirementsNever allow product to come in contact with water during storage. Do not store near acids

Dehairing hides, in flame retardants and luminous paints, and in brown patinas

Transport Information

Proper Shipping Name: Barium compounds, n.o.s. (barium sulfide)


Class: 6.1

Packing Group: III