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Acetic Acid

CAS No.: 64-19-7

Acetic Acid
 SKUPurity CharacteristicsQuantityPrice
A4056-500ML99%500 mL$28.48
A4056-4LT99%4 lt$101.06
A4056-20LT99%20 lt$251.04
 A4056-BULK99% BULK Price on Request
A1007-500MLACS, Reagent500 mL$30.80
A1007-2LTACS, Reagent2 lt$67.49
A1007-6x500MLACS, Reagent6x500 mL$150.71
 A1007-BULKACS, Reagent BULK Price on Request
Product Information

Additional Information

CAS No.64-19-7
Chemical SynonymGlacial acetic acid, Vinegar acid
Appearance/FormColorless liquid
FormulaCH 3 COOH
Molecular Weight60.05
MP16.6 °C (61.2 °F)
BP117-118 °C (243-244 °F)
pH2.4 at 60.05 g/l
SolubilityCompletely miscible in water
Flash Point40 °C (104 °F) in a closed cup
Ignition Temperature485 °C (905 °F)
Lower Explosion Limit4 %(V)
Upper Explosion Limit19.9 %(V)
Density1.049 g/mL
Vapor Pressure55 mmHg at 50 °C (122 °F)
StorageStore in a cool, dry place. Keep tightly closed
UsesBlue green patinas (bronze) & some purple patinas; also the production on plastics, pharmaceuticals, dyes, photographic chemicals and textile printing
Transport InformationProper Shipping Name: Acetic acid, glacial


Class: 8 (3)

Packing Group: II