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Magnesium Fluoride

CAS No.: 7783-40-6

Magnesium Fluoride
 SKUPurity CharacteristicsQuantityPrice
M708-100GM98%100 gm$62.05
 M708-BULK98% BULK Price on Request
M189-50GM99.5%, powder50 gm$60.61
M189-250GM99.5%, powder250 gm$176.53
M189-1KG99.5%, powder1 kg$527.71
 M189-BULK99.5%, powder BULK Price on Request
M136-10GMoptical grade, 99.9%10 gm$27.93
M136-50GMoptical grade, 99.9%50 gm$122.23
 M136-BULKoptical grade, 99.9% BULK Price on Request
Product Information

Additional Information

CAS No.7783-40-6
Chemical SynonymMagnesium Fluoride powder, Magnesium Difluoride powder
Appearance/FormWhite powder
FormulaMgF 2
Molecular Weight62.3
MP1262 - 1264 °C
SolubilitySoluble in nitric acid, insoluble in water and alcohol
Density3.15 g/mL
StorageKeep tightly closed in a dry well-ventilated place
Special NotesNoncombustible, strong irritant
UsesCeramics, optical lenses, glass manufacturing, and single crystals for polarizing prisms.
Transport InformationNot Regulated