Dibutyltin Sulfide

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CAS NO: 4253-22-9

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Dibutyltin Sulfide
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City Chemical manufactures high purity Dibutyltin Sulfide, CAS 4253-22-9 in bulk quantity. Dibutyltin Sulfide is a sulfide that can be used as a catalytic agent in some polymerization reaction. Dibutyltin sulfide is a catalyst used in polyurethane systems. The high activity properties enable greater hydrolytic stability. It has better catalytic activity and water-tolerant stability than DBTDL in waterborne polyurethane pre-polymerization system and can decrease the pre-polymerization time. It can also catalyze the ring-expansion polymerization of mesolactide. In vinyl resins, DBTS is also an antioxidant and stabilizer.

SKU D3188
CAS No. 4253-22-9
Handling and Storage Handling:
Avoid breathing dust, vapor, mist or gas. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid prolonged or repeated exposure. Use only in a chemical fume hood. Open and handle container with care. Keep ignition sources away.

Store in a tightly closed container in a dry, well- ventilated place.

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Storage Temperature:
15 – 30 ºC
Transport Information DOT Shipping Name: Organotin Compounds, Liquid, N.O.S.(Dibutyltin Sulfide)
DOT UN Number: UN2788
DOT Hazard Class: Class 6.1 DOT Packing Group: III

IMDG Shipping Name: Organotin Compounds, Liquid, N.O.S.(Dibutyltin Sulfide)
IMDG UN Number: UN2788
IMDG Hazard Class: Class 6.1 IMDG Packing Group: III

IATA Shipping Name: Organotin Compounds, Liquid, N.O.S. (Dibutyltin Sulfide)
IATA UN Number: UN2788
IATA Hazard Class: Class 6.1 IATA Packing Group: III

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