D-Glucosamine, 98%

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CAS NO: 3416-24-8

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D-Glucosamine, 98% G330-1GM 98% 1 gm
D-Glucosamine, 98% G330-5GM 98% 5 gm
D-Glucosamine, 98% G330-25GM 98% 25 gm
More Information
City Chemical manufactures high purity D-Glucosamine, CAS 3416-24-8 in bulk quantity. D-glucosamine - 3416-24-8 is an amino sugar found in the fluid around the joints and in connective tissue. It is made naturally in the form of glucosamine-6-phosphate, and is the biochemical precursor of all nitrogen-containing sugars. Taking it as a supplement can help relieve discomfort of joint degeneration, like in the case of arthritis. It can even help prevent arthritis from getting worse. Supplements come in a number of forms, including powders. They are available alone or combined with other compounds. D-glucosamine is manufactured in several forms including D-glucosamine sulfate and D-glucosamine HCL.

SKU G330
CAS No. 3416-24-8
Property 1 98%
Property 2 MP 109-111deg

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