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Clerici Solution

CAS No.: 61971-47-9

Clerici Solution
 SKUPurity CharacteristicsQuantityPrice
477S-25GMdensity 3.525 gm$253.54
477S-100GMdensity 3.5100 gm$886.64
 477S-BULKdensity 3.5 BULK Price on Request
Product Information

Additional Information

CAS No.61971-47-9
Chemical SynonymClerici Solution
Appearance/FormClear, pale yellow liquid
FormulaC 4 H 2 O 6 Tl 2
Molecular Weight554.821
Density3.5 g/mL
StorageKeep tightly closed in a warm, dry, well-ventilated place
Transport Information

Proper Shipping Name: Thallium compounds, n.o.s.


Hazard Label: Toxic

Packing Group: II

Safety and Hazards Information

EMERGENCY OVERVIEW: Danger, Highly Toxic by ingestion, inhalation, skin absorption.





Principle routes of exposure:

Skin Inhalation: Poison - may be fatal if inhaled Ingestion: May be fatal if swallowed

Skin contact: Contact causes skin irritation May be fatal if absorbed through skin

Eye contact: May cause blindness Statements of hazard Toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed

Statement of Spill or Leak - ANSI Label Isolate spillage. Evacuate unprotected persons. Use adequate protections when handling to avoid inhalation and contact with material.

Handling and Storage




Use only in area provided with appropriate exhaust ventilation.

Safe handling advice:

Wear personal protective equipment. Incompatible products: Oxidising and spontaneously flammable products