Cerous Molybdate (Cerium Molybdate), 99+%

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CAS NO: 13454-70-1

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Cerous Molybdate
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City Chemical manufactures high purity Cerous Molybdate (Cerium Molybdate), CAS 13454-70-1 in bulk quantity. From the cerium salt form of molybdate, Cerous Molybdate is primarily used in the coatings and aerospace industries. Cerous Molybdate nanowires can be used for active corrosion protection of aluminum alloys. In epoxy coated aluminum alloys, its containers have the potential to advance the corrosion performance. Cerium molybdate may also be a favorable cation exchanger, displaying little shift in its sorption behavior and infrared spectra after gamma irradiation; it is chemically stable and is relatively resistant towards heat. The ion exchange capacity of cerium (IV) molybdate was found to directly depend on the pH of solution. Mixing ratio has limited reaction on the exchange capacity. It also has some photo-catalyst applications.

Cerous Molybdate is a purified yellow powder with a bulk density (loose) of 45.8 lb/cu ft & tapped density of 75.4 lb/cu ft., making it easy to handle. Chloride, Iron, Nitrate & Sulfate content is < 0.1 % for each.

SKU C387
Appearance/Form Solid
CAS No. 13454-70-1
Property 1 purified
Formula Ce2 (MoO4)3
Handling and Storage Handling
Information for safe handling:
Keep container tightly sealed.
Store in cool, dry place in tightly closed containers. No special precautions are necessary if used correctly.
Information about protection against explosions and fires:
The product is not flammable

Requirements to be met by storerooms and receptacles:
No special requirements.
Information about storage in one common storage facility:
No information known.
Further information about storage conditions:
Keep container tightly sealed.
Store in cool, dry conditions in well-sealed containers.
Molecular Weight 760.05
MP 973 °C / 1783.4 °F
Storage Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Transport Information Not a hazardous material for transportation.

DOT regulations:
Hazard class: None

Land transport ADR/RID (cross-border)
ADR/RID class: None

Maritime transport IMDG:
IMDG Class: None

Air transport ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR:
ICAO/IATA Class: None

Request for an SDS (Saftey Data Sheet) and a COA (Certificate of Analysis)

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