Potash Sulfurated

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Potash Cas No. 39365-88-3

Potash sulfurated, 39365-88-3, K2CO3, FW 110.3, also referred to as Potassium sulfide, or Liver of sulfur, is yellow/brown water soluble lump. Potash sulfurated is a mixture composed chiefly of potassium polysulfide and potassium thiosulfate, containing no less than 12.5 % sulfur. Potash is used in black/brown patina (copper, brass, bronze).

General Information on Potash

Item No. : P7713-500, P7713-2.5, P7713-12

CAS No. : 39365-88-3

Synonyms : Sulfurated potash, Potassium sulfide, Liver of Sulfur

Properties of Potash :

Appearance/Form: Yellow/brown lumps

Formula: K­2CO3

Molecular Weight: 110.3

Solubility: Soluble in water

Stock Status : Readily Available

Unit Sizes
500 gm
2.5 kg
12 kg
Price On Request

Purity : Purified

Storage : Do not store near acids. Keep tightly closed in a dry, well-ventilated place

Uses of Potash

Black/brown patina (copper, brass, bronze)

Transport Information for Potash

Not Regulated

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