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City Chemical LLC offers the best prices and widest selection of Patina Chemicals used in oxidation coloring and antiquing solutions for metals such as copper, brass, bronze and steel.

Patina Chemicals are most often used by artists and sculptors, metalworkers and architects to develop different finish colors or patinas for a variety of uses. On metal, patina is a coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides or carbonates that are formed on the surface during exposure to different elements.

The most common chemicals for Patina Recipes appear below. Click for details:

Acetic acid

64-19-7 CH3COOH MW 60.05 Also known as vinegar acid. Glacial acetic acid is the pure compound (99.8% min), as distinguished from the usual water solutions known as acetic acid. Uses: Blue green patinas & some purple patinas. Other uses: production of plastics, pharmaceuticals, dyes, photographic chemicals and textile printing.

Ammonium chloride

12125-02-9 NH4Cl MW 53.49 White crystalline powder, cool, somewhat hygroscopic. Uses: Soldering flux, in fertilizers, resins and adhesives, and in making antique green patinas.

Barium sulfide

21109-95-5 BaS MW 233.43 Yellowish green or gray lumps, soluble in water. Uses: Dehairing hides, in flame retardants & luminous paints, also in brown patinas.

Bees wax

8012-89-3 MW 415 Synonym: Cera alba. Wax from the honeycomb of the bee, soluble in alcohol. Uses: Furniture and floors waxes, candles, cosmetics, adhesive compositions & leather dressings.

Bismuth nitrate

10035-06-0 Bi(NO3)3. 5H2O MW485.07 Clear, colorless crystals. Soluble in dilute nitric acid, alcohol, and acetone. Uses: Preparation of other bismuth salts, luminous paints, enamels and in making white patinas (bronze).

Cobalt nitrate

10026-22-9 Co(NO3)2 . 6H2OMW291.032 Reddish-brown crystals, deliquescent in moist air. Uses: Cobalt pigments, catalysts, additive to soils and animal feeds, vitamin preparations, hair dyes and porcelain decoration. Black patina when applied hot.

Cupric chloride

10125-13-0 CuCl2 . 2H2OMW 170.48 Also known as copper chloride. Green deliquescent crystals, soluble in water. Uses: Disinfectant, pyrotechnics, wood preservation, fungicides, photography and pigment for glass and ceramics. Also green patinas (brass, bronze).

Cupric sulfate

Cupric Sulfate, Cas No. 7758-99-8. CuSO4 . 5H2O. MW 249.69. Also known as copper sulfate. Blue crytsals. Used as a patina (copper, brass, and bronze); used as an analytical reagent to test for proteins and reducing sugars; it inhibits growth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli; also used to test blood for anemia.

Cupric nitrate

10031-43-3 Cu(NO3)2. 3(H2O) MW241.60 Also known as copper nitrate. Blue, deliquescent crystals. Soluble in water and alcohol. Uses: Light-sensitive papers, in textile dyeing, paints and as a catalyst in pharmaceutical preparations. Basic green patina (copper, brass, bronze).

EDTA, Tetrasodium

64-02-8 C10H12N2O8Na4. 4H2O MW416.23 Abbreviation for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid tetrasodium. Colorless crystalline, soluble in water. Uses: Detergents, shampoos, decontamination, common chelating agent, and metal cleaning and plating.

Ferric chloride

10025-77-1 FeCl3 . 6H2OMW270.30 Water soluble lumps, Uses: Brown patinas (copper, brass, bronze). Other uses: Treatment of sewage, water purification, an etching agent for engraving and for photography, printed circuitry, and a clinical reagent.

Oxalic acid

6153-56-6 C2O4H2 . 2H2OMW126.07 Transparent, water soluble, colorless crystals. Occurs naturally in many plants (wood sorrel, rhubarb, spinach). Uses: Metal and equipment cleaning, leather tanning, rust proofing treatments, bleaching of textiles, rare-earth processing, printing and dyeing auxiliary. An ingredient for deep rust red patina.


39365-88-3 K2CO3MW 110.3 Also referred to as Sulfurated potash or Liver of Sulfur. Yellow/brown water soluble lumps. Uses: Black/brown patina (copper, brass, bronze).

Potassium dichromate

7778-50-9 K2Cr2O7 MW 294.18 Bright, yellowish-red, transparent crystals. Decomposes at 500 °C. Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. Dangerous fire risk in contact with organic materials. Uses: Oxidizing agent as well aselectroplating, explosives, adhesives, pigments, alloys and as a depolarizer in dry cell batteries. Other uses: Orange patinas (copper, brass, bronze).

Silver nitrate

7761-88-8 AgNO3 MW 169.87 White crystalline, readily soluble in water. Uses:Organic synthesis, photography, silver plating, silver staining in histology, andsilver patinas.

Sodium thiosulfate

10102-17-7Na2S2O3. 5H2O MW 238.19 Synonyms: Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate, sodium thiosulphate. Colorless, water soluble, crystalline. Uses: Photography, paper making, dechlorination of water, lab reagent, bleaching, and in patina recipes to make greens and blues, (copper, brass, bronze).

Stannic oxide

18282-10-5 SnO2 MW 150.71 Synonym: Tin Oxide. White powder; anhydrous or hydrated, insoluble in water. Uses: Ceramic glazes and colors, putty, perfume preparations, textiles, polishing powder for steel, and the manufacture of special glasses. Other uses: Making white patinas.

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